A POS system has the power to greatly boost the efficiency and productivity of your business in a variety of ways.

Reduce Paperwork

Compared to using an electronic cash register or manual system, POS dramatically reduces the time you have to spend gathering sales figures or other repetitive but important paperwork, whether management, tax reporting, payroll, inventory control and more. With a few keystrokes, you are able to get detailed information such as:

  • Revenue and menu items sales information by server, shift and outlet
  • Totals for end of shift, end of day, end of week and more
  • Credit card transaction totals by server and by revenue center
  • User-defined reports that can be easily integrated with back office operations

This saves you time and gives you peace of mind. You can take advantage of the information collected in the POS system for accounting, time and attendance, labor scheduling, food and beverage management, and frequent diner programs.

Increase Transaction Efficiency – Remote Requisition Device

A remote printer in the kitchen (or kitchen video system) provides instantaneous server-kitchen communication, eliminates mistakes, speeds up service and lets servers spend more time with customers. Table/server/wait list management capabilities combine maximum efficiency with improved customer service.

Build a Customer List

Collect the names and addresses of your best customers as part of a standard transaction. Then use the list for targeted advertising or incentive programs.